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Taking The Leap Of Faith

" She took the leap and built her wings on the way down."

That is one of my favorite quotes when it comes to talking about taking the leap of faith or just going for it.

Statically speaking, there is a bell curve on the human population. Generally speaking 60% of people are living an average mediocre life. That means over half of the people in this world settle. That's a HUGE number. 60% never went after their dreams because they settled for what is average. 60% was or is scared of taking risks, so they believe living in their safety net is more comforting. You ask this group of the population if are they happy with what they have done in life, most likely their answer will be something along the lines of, "eh yeah it's alright, not bad." Which means they have compromised with themselves and life that they are content with staying in the mediocre.

What happens to the other 40% you ask?

20% of that is number is sitting in the lower than average. This is usually called something like, "the low performers." I do not like to use those terms, because nobody is better than anyone else, it all how somebody chooses to spend their life. This means 20% hasn't really liven up to their potential, they have lost their dreams.

That means there is another number missing.... Only 20% of the entire world had chosen to take the leap of faith. That isn't even a quarter of everyone. If you asked this group of people the same question you asked the other two, they would say something along the lines of what I would say. "I only get to live 1 life, I might as well live my life to the absolute fullest and chase my dreams. What is the soul purpose of having dreams, if you never chase after them?"

Now that I have gotten my little statical speech out of the way, I want to relate all of this to my life and share with you, what I have recently gone through. Within the past 6 months, I have had something tug on my heart for a very long time. Like the blog from yesterday I have been battling my heart and my mind. I decided to follow my heart. I will have to say, so far it has paid off. I wanted to start my own business. To reach thousands of women that have gone through similar issues in life that I have. I wanted to help them get to the other side, and grow confident through all of this. I was stuck in the 60% mediocre.

I was afraid of what people would say.

I was afraid I might fail.

I was afraid I would change my mind after It was too late.

I was afraid my family and boyfriend wouldn't support me.

Guess what?

All I was doing was literally scaring myself out of my dream. My brain is wired just like yours, to keep you safe from getting hurt. I will say for awhile, my brain was doing an amazing job at keeping me in that mediocre life. That safety net, I knew I couldn't get hurt if I stayed there.

I also knew I would die and never had gone after my dreams, and to me... that was scarier than facing judgment of others.

So, I said Fuck it! I started a business.

With absolutely no resources, knowledge, little support, and no direction; I took the leap of faith. I jumped off the edge of that cliff, and learned to grow my wings as I fell.

Here I am, started my business and working towards my dreams to help women all over.

Somehow I was stuck in ANOTHER situation afraid of taking the leap of faith. Another situation battling my heart vs mind. You ask what did I choose? I chose my heart, once again. I think I will always choose my heart. To me, there's a sense of alignment and purpose I can't seem to ignore.

So, in a few weeks, I am planning to make another big move to jump off the cliff and take another leap of faith.

I know, I know some of you are probably asking how in the hell I have the guts to do that staring at all my fears in the face.... You know what, I don't have guts. I am scared as it gets, however I chose to do it anyway. To face my fears head on and take the leap of faith, another step towards my dream. My tips? I only got 1.

  1. Stop allowing your brain to scare you into your safety net, and just go after your dream scared as ever. You will figure it out as you go.

So Sis,

Clearly you were brought to this blog for a reason, I believe in no coincidences. This was in alignment, there was a purpose for you to be reading this. Maybe a sign from God, maybe this is what you have been looking for.

Take the leap of faith, and grow your wings as you fall.

You have a purpose.

Your dreams matter.

You are capable of stepping out of that 60%.

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Amber Brock

Self-Development Coach for all Women. 

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