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Seasons of Life and How to Shift your Season

When I first heard about the concept of seasons of life, I was like say huh?! I didn't even know something like this existed. So, here is my explanation of seasons of life.

Just like seasons of the weather, we also have seasons.

Winter season is the season of rest and learn. This season of life you often find yourself thinking your life is just out of control. You feel unprepared and uneasy, and often this causes burnout or temporary depression.

Fall season is when things are either all coming together or all falling apart. You are either enjoying the progress or making excuses for the decline. You start watching things unfold in front of you, and if you aren't following through with your words, you often see procrastination and avoiding consistent behavior.

Spring Season is when it's time to take action and risks, and grabbing ahold of opportunities in front of you. This is when you feel like everything is changing, and you are either scared or embracing the change. Change of job, car, or house. This is the time for acting, not hesitating.

Summer Season is the time to nourish and really take care of what you have. Your life and goals are clear, and life looks promising and positive. This isn't time for relaxing this is ripping old weeds out the garden, and caring for your garden. This is protecting your relationships and nourishing your soul. You always have momentum, and motivation it seems.

The difference between the seasons of weather and the seasons of life, is there is no set time for each one.

So which one would you say you are in?

Are you happy with your season?

Did you prepare for your season?

I will spill the beans on me. In November through January I was in the season on spring. I took the risk to open my business, and hustling and working to reach my summer season in the near future. What happened was just the opposite.

February, I hit a fall season. I wasn't prepared for what was to come. I started making excuses, and wanting time to rest all the time, procrastinating. and really started seeing my own success I started building falling in front of my eyes.

The end of February into March I quickly became in my Winter season. Feeling overwhelmed with my 9-5, and just resting, trying to find myself again after my fall. Really attempting to navigate what happened so fast to make me so depressed. I spent weeks trying to get out of this "funk". I couldn't for the life of me figure out how.

Until the last week of March. I seen through my blogs actually all the answers. I quickly pulled myself out of the winter season, and jumped back into spring. I gave myself a short period to allow all my feelings I had built up inside, then I took action. QUICK! Things started to change.

I had realized it was the fall and winter seasons that helped me fail and shift my vision and my business. It was needed to happen to see what I see now.

So here I am April 7th, happily saying I have entered spring season again. Hustling, working, preparing for my summer. This time I won't allow myself to slip down the slippery slope.

I know I know, at this point you are like... "awesome Amber, but how do I shift my season?"

Well what I will say is this... if you are in summer, everything is peaches and cream. Prepare for Possible downfalls. My example is pack your bags before hand. This way you are more prepared for when your season shifts.

If you are in Spring, GREAT JOB! I know it's hard work, blood, sweat, and tears up in here. Keep going, work towards achieving that success and happiness, summer will come soon.

If you are in Fall, try to catch yourself before it is too late. Self-awareness of your known habits, and behaviors can stop you from self-sabotaging yourself and can even get you out of fall and shift into more of a spring or summer even.

If you are in Winter, it's okay sis. Life happens. Give yourself some slack, we are all human. Learn from these mistakes you have made. Write down a plan to give yourself time to rest, but don't abusive it. Allow yourself to have tantrums and feel all those feelings. Then, create an escape route of what to do next to shift into a spring.

We all have 4 seasons of life. I know you hate the cold dark winters, we all do. Physically and mentally speaking, but we have to go through them in order to grow and blossom.

So, What is your season? and What is your plan?

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Amber Brock

Self-Development Coach for all Women. 

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