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How Important is Consistency?

How many times can you remember in your life that you thought you weren't seeing the results you were hoping for?

Let me paint you a few pictures on how consistency can plan in your everyday life.

Have you ever tried to loose weight and it just didn't seem to work. You researched all the right foods to buy, and you went on a major grocery shopping spree, and you enrolled in a gym membership, and you even actually ate the diet foods and exercised and still seen the same number on the scale? Think about it, were you actually eating your diet foods everyday without cheating? Did you workout on a consistent schedule or was it changing all the time? Even to see weight loss results we must have a consistency across the board.

Maybe that hasn't happened to you, but you tried this new face wash because your face has been breaking out, and you needed something new. This time it wasn't like your face got any worse. yet it didn't get any better either. You thought to yourself, "fuck it this isn't working." As a cosmetic and beauty queen I definitely agree that in some cases that may have been true. However, the real key to that answer was you probably weren't consistent. I can say that if you washed your face every morning and every night, you would see results.

I can say I have learned this lesson myself the hard way.

Last Year, I decided to join Monat. This is a multi level network marketing company. I've heard my fair share of bad reviews, and I just fell in love with them anyway. I thought I am obsessed with my hair and I only use vegan products anyway and they are vegan too, why not sell what I love?! So I joined and started doing just that... 6 months later I quit. Why? I wasn't making money, wasn't making progress because I WASN'T CONSISTENT.

I realized how important being consistent every single day really changes everything. I decided to write down 5 easy tips to help you be consistent with less effort.

  1. Know yourself- When I was selling Monat, I also was on a diet. I didn't see results of course. I made goals that didn't work for me. I made a daily schedule to get up every day at 5:30am and start my day and workout... If anybody knows me, my eyes open the earliest at 7:30am. I am far from an early bird. It never worked, I followed it like twice. I switched up the schedule, allowed myself to be real with myself and make a schedule I knew fit me. That one worked better than ever, I actually still have it on my Lock Screen to this very day.

  2. Set priorities- What is important to you? Look at your goal, is this something that is very important to you? If you are going on a diet because your wedding is in 90 days and you want to look extra sexy for that, than be honest with yourself. Rate from a 1-5 how important that really means to you. If its something that you really want to accomplish you will find this will be a little easier to be consistent. For example, I realized that Making extra money through Monat, wasn't a real priority. I had a 915 job that was bringing in decent money, and honestly I wasn't hurting for money.. so my habits shown that through. Instead, I started my business to earn time freedom to travel. That is SUPER important to me. This has helped me keep my ass in order and be consistent because I set true priorities to myself.

  3. Develop a schedule that works for you- This goes along with #1. Create a very detailed schedule for your day that will help you succeed your goal to journal everyday. For example, When you come home from work, and you have to cook dinner, clean up the house, tend to your children, give them baths and put them to bed. Then create that schedule tell yourself you want the kids in bed by 8:30pm so that you can sit down and give yourself 20 minutes to write in your journal about how your day was. I realized the hard way of setting schedules that wouldn't work for me. Exactly that, they DIDN'T work. I had to evaluate my day and figure out what would be best for me to work in and change.

  4. Hold yourself accountable- Brainstorm how can you hold yourself accountable? Now that you set your priorities and made a schedule that works for you, what’s a good way to make sure you are consistent and follow that schedule every single fucking day. For me its setting alarms. Could you set reminders in your phone, or leave post it notes on your mirror? I am SUPER forgetful, and I caught myself getting caught up in the every day rush and I would forget. I set alarms. Everyday, I had about 7 alarms set in place to go off at certain times and labeled to make sure I would remember to do those certain things.

  5. Have an accountability partner- Who is somebody that can help you remember to do that task everyday? Have them set an alarm to text you or remind you to write in your journal, etc. Especially within the first 21 days of creating it a habit. Could it be your partner, a friend, a family member, etc. For me I made a bunch of people, that way I KNEW it would work. My boyfriend, My mom, I even invested in a business coach to meet me weekly to ensure I was doing what I said I would.

If you compare your self-development before you were consistent and then again after you've been consistent you’ll see a drastic change in your progress. If you follow these simple 5 easy tips to helping you be consistent, this will help you see progress and results in your goals and dreams.

If you are ready to dive deeper and really make a difference in building your confidence and self-love, I got you. I have a coaching program called, "Becoming a badass 12 week transformational program." Click the link below and schedule your FREE coaching session with me.

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Amber Brock

Self-Development Coach for all Women. 

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