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An Effective Self Care Plan

Just because you have a self-care routine doesn't mean its a solid effective plan that works. Many times we do small things for ourselves like take a bath, and as much as that may solve how you are feeling in the moment or that day, doesn't mean its highly effective. There is 3 different pillars that are crucial to a good plan.

  1. Mind- This means taking care of your mind and thoughts. These can super simple things like taking mini breaks, take time off work, unplug from social media, saying positive affirmations to yourself, or watch a funny movie. It's important to not only do things for our body, but for our mind too. Clear your head, and unwind.

  2. Body- The typical thing everyone runs to is taking a bath. Yes, taking baths are nice and who doesn't love a nice bubble bath, however there are other important and useful ways you can take care of your body. Drink a cup of warm tea, go to the gym or exercise, eat nourishing foods, get a good night rest, try out some yoga, try a new face mask, go get your hair or nails done.

  3. Spirit- This seems to be the pillar that everyone forgets, yet its a super important one. Just because you take of your mind or body doesn't mean you jut forget that your soul and spirit is also begging for you to take care of it. Usually these activities are deep connections with yourself. For example, meditate (does not have to be your typical definition of meditating, make it your own way.) Listen to calming or positive boss babe music, journaling; sitting down and writing down your feelings and emotions through a journal is so deep and helps you really organize how you are feeling sometimes its referred to a "brain dump", read a book maybe its educational, or inspirational, but read a positive book. Take the time to pray, and make sure you are nurturing your connection with God. Go outside and watch the sunset in peace.

Its important to incorporate all 3 pillars, not just 1 or 2 of those. It doesn’t have to be hard or extremely time consuming. Unplugging from social media for the day, drinking a hot cup of tea while you write in your journal. BOOM! That is all 3.

Sometimes we run busy lives, running around like crazy people, juggling a job, a house, kids, college, school, planning different things. Sometimes we forget to take the time to focus on ourselves and give yourself a really good self-care routine. You can make it whatever you like. You can space it all out and do each pillar separately throughout the day, or you can do all 3 of them together because you have time, but not a lot of time.

It's also important to have a support team. Name a list of people that are your support team, that you can go to after a rough day. For me its my boyfriend, mom, business life coach, and myself. Who are those people for you?

When you take care of yourself, and give yourself time to unwind, you feel freshened up and recharged. So after you feel all charged up from your self care plan…

What is something you want to accomplish?

This can be something like have that conversation you've been pushing off with your partner, or finishing that unwanted task, it could be to create more peace in your life, control, or happiness. You are the author to your story, choose wisely on how you write it.

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Amber Brock

Self-Development Coach for all Women. 

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