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About the Creator of Fueled by Confidence

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Hello, my name is Amber Brock. Most of you know me as "fueled by confidence." I have created a business to help empower women all around the world. After and insanely toxic relationship, and having a miscarriage I completely lost myself in all aspects of my life. I looked for anything and everything to ease the pain and the feeling of not having any soul left in me. After some time of coping, I was ready to get back into the dating world. I downloaded all the newest apps and starting swiping. My excitement for attention quickly turned into confusion, being defensive, and disappointment. It was very clear to me that all of the people I was meeting had HORRIBLE communication skills or they didn't want anything serious. Most of them didn't take me seriously at all. Which I had realized this was all just a game to them. I quickly adapted and played their game back to them. I thought, "Why the fuck not? Its not like I have any soul left in me anyway."

I soon lost entertainment within myself and thought I was better off alone anyway. Personal growth became a must for me, I only went on dates on occasion after that. I was so wrapped up into myself, id even gone out to IHOP for breakfast and enjoyed my company alone. I stumbled across my partner now, and he has taught me tremendous confidence. Soon after, my parents separated and my Mom had lost everything. She was in the spot I was in many years ago. Lost, no soul left. Any Self Awareness completely stripped away.

I started helping her in every way I can. I quickly realized my Purpose in life, and I had created this INSANE passion to help other women come out of that dark place and find happiness, Self- Worth, Self- love, Self- Development. Find their soul once again.

I Don't my any means claim to have all the correct answers for people or honestly any answers at all. However, what I DO know is that the most important and valuable relationship we will ever have is ourselves. (Other than God if you're into that.) I have made a mission to Connect with as many women as I possibly can, telling them my own experiences. Showing them that they are not alone. They are SEEN and HEARD. To Empower them by giving them tolls and self practices to move them closer to becoming the women they truly want to be. I promise to educate and coach women to love themselves, have self confidence, know their worth, and raise their standards.

- Amber Brock, Creator and Business owner of Fueled By Confidence

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Amber Brock

Self-Development Coach for all Women. 

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