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A Kick in the A**

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

My background story is I went to college and graduated 3 years later. I found my career job, it wasn't my dream job when I was first in High-school. However, as I went to college it shifted into my dream job. it was so rewarding and great, until it wasn't. I was sitting in my office one day thinking to myself, this cant be it. This CANNOT be all I do with my life. Even though I had achieved so much at only 22 years old, bought my own house with my boyfriend, graduated college, had my career job working for the state, I felt like I had no purpose. I stumbled across a network marketing company, and after 6 months of doing that... I got this calling from God.

What had shifted for me was I woke up one day realizing I was meant for more than what my life was. I was completely willing to die of every single piece of me that wasn't serving me anymore. I was willing to be re-born into a new version of myself.

Many people say, " Oh I've just always been this way my whole life." I am here to tell you, those are the people that stay living in the mediocre. I knew that version of me wasn't supposed to be who I was anymore. I was willing to let go of everything and everybody in my past that was no longer serving me.

So, what I am telling you is, walk through the door. learn to love yourself, and condition yourself. Be willing to give it your absolute EVERYTHING. Be willing to be your own person at the risk of people's approval. That means, regardless whether people like you or not, be your authentic self shining in the sun.

What is your purpose? What is your passion? I know for me, mine is empowering women. It burns a fire within my soul, it gives sparks off my finger tips. I woke up and took the leap of faith. I want you to take the leap of faith.

Remember, our brain is wired to keep us safe. Our head will automatically hold your dreams, your goals, and your passion back so you do not get hurt. Everyday you fight your brain versus your soul. You fight your head versus your heart. Sometimes, its important to listen to you soul/heart. Stop leaving your dreams, goals, and passions inside of your head. Nobody can see them, except yourself. Share it with the world. Become your highest level of potential. If not, you are sacrificing your potential to stay mediocre.

Don't be afraid of dying. I know I'm not. Be afraid of dying before you reach your calling, and before you become your highest version. Be afraid to die before people recognize what you have to offer in this world, what you can change in this world, and what you can do in this world. You never know when your last day might be, the end might be near, so don't waste it.

You are only shining your light at 89 watts because you are afraid it will be too bright for the people around you. Shine at 200 watts, and shine like you were born to. If it's too bright for other people, they will put their shades on.

Stop waiting, we need more people like you in this world. Shine your light and make your dreams come to life.

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Amber Brock

Self-Development Coach for all Women. 

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