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Fueled By Confidence

Self-Love Life Coach: Amber Brock


Does This Sound like you?

Are you just tired of feeling stuck when it comes to waking up as your best version self? Struggling with confidence to wear that dress from Amazon? Feeling like you aren't worthy enough to tell people no....

Ive been there Sis! Thats why I am here to help you. 

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Want to be apart of our Women's support group, "Sisters before Misters"? We talk about all things self-development, give each other am abundance of support and empowerment. 

Do you like journaling, but feel like its always so time consuming? Download my FREE 7-day Journal prompt guide to help you keep your daily journaling under 5 minutes. 

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Becoming a Badass Transformational Coaching 

Are you ready to go all in and submerge yourself into becoming the new you?


This is a one on one private coaching package. It will bring you the mindset you need to help find clarity, peace, confidence, worthiness, love, and happiness. It's time for you to take action and become the best version of yourself. 


Does this sound like you?

A woman struggling to find herself again. She is looking for clarity, a supporter, and a coach to help her learn to love herself and overcome all of her past traumas and old habits and  blossom into the best version of herself. 

3- Month Private Coaching Program


- Weekly Zoom Calls

- Unlimited contact via text

- Access to 2 big group Zoom a Month

- All resources needed to complete the course

- Access to all of my content from all programs & services during the duration of your coaching package


$1,050 Total


$350 Monthly Payments

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Life Coach, Podcast Host, and a Women's support community. 

Hey ya'll is Amber, the creator of fueled by confidence.  I grew up in a small town inside tiny little Delaware. I recently moved and bought my first house with my boyfriend in another small down further south in Delaware. I have gone through my own Self- Development Journey and it took me years! I am a self- love life coach and podcast host. I specialize in topics such as, self-care, self-worth, confidence, and self-development. I help women by coaching them through their inner struggles and fears by giving them the confidence they need to gain personal growth and achieve their goals. I am here to empower you and as many women as I can. If you are new to me, follow me on IG and find me on just about all social media platforms. Subscribe to my weekly emails and get affirmations and newsletters. I look forward to hearing from you.

Common FAQ's 

What does a self-love coach do?

Help you with seting goals, overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, shift your mindset, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and take steps towards achieving your goals.  

What are the benefits of having a self love coach?

It can benefit you in any area of  your life that you  feel like needs improvement. Most often, this is area's where a person struggles with confidence, improving relationships, and your love for yourself. 

What type of things is covered and what things are required during the course?

We cover things such as uncovering our self-realization, finding the true version of yourself, and creating new healthy habits and moving forward. Nothing is REQUIRED, however how full in you are and your participation will determine your growth at the end.

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