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Amber Brock

Hey ya'll is Amber, the creator of fueled by confidence.  I grew up in a small town inside tiny little Delaware. I recently moved and bought my first house with my boyfriend in another small down further south in Delaware. I have gone through my own Self- Development Journey and it took me years! I am a self-development life coach and podcast host. I help women by coaching them through their inner struggles and fears by giving them the confidence they need to gain personal growth and achieve their goals. I am here to empower you and as many women as I can. If you are new to me, follow me on IG and find me on just about all social media platforms. Subscribe to my weekly emails and get affirmations and newsletters. I look forward to hearing from you.



- Connect with other women by telling my own experiences. Showing women they are not alone, they are seen and heard.

- Empower women by giving them tools and self-practices to move them closer to becoming the woman they want to be.

- Educate and Teach women to love themselves, have self confidence, know their worth, and raise their standards. 

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I have created a poem I have wrote to inspire you and any woman that needs to hear this.

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